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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Beyonce and Jay-Z are NOT Vegan

Let me get this straight, Beyonce and Jay-Z go "vegan" for a whopping 22 days and the whole vegan community rejoices as if the whole world is following suit; Yet all I see is a publicity stunt dictated not by compassion but by a vain desire to stay fit around the holiday's. How convenient their cleanse ends before Christmas dinner because heaven forbid they don't want to miss out on the stuffed turkey and gravy.

I have seen vegan organizations singing holy hymns in praise of these two acting like they've somehow changed and found the green side of life but I am afraid my loves, this is far from the truth.

"Babysteps" they say, "they influence millions of people" they plead. Isn't that the point? They DO influence millions of people and do you really want millions more people looking at veganism as a joke? As if it's some diet trend to cleanse your system before New Years? That you can cheat and be "vegan" for a short amount of time and that suddenly makes you a saint? Is that really want you want the general public to learn from all this? As if we don't have enough stigma thrown in our faces every day.

Veganism is not and never will be a "diet". Veganism is a whole lifestyle change. It encompasses every part of your life and your being. It's not just your food that changes, it's your wardrobe, your makeup, your toiletries and even your overall view of the world. I truly believe those of us who are vegan for the right reason are enlightened in a way. No, I'm not claiming that we are somehow superior but I do believe our minds are opened to a world of pain that we just can't support anymore and all our decisions reflect this belief.

Now as far as these supposed "babysteps" are concerned, I am not pretending I don't support change through time. I am a firm believer in babysteps if truth be told. I think some people need to be vegetarian as a step towards veganism for example. We live in a very non-vegan world and as previously mentioned, it's a choice that changes every aspect of your life, so no, I don't think most people can do that overnight and if you think otherwise, you are kidding yourself. Now, when I say I support vegetarianism, I mean as a stepping stone. I want veganism to be the ultimate goal, period. But I am also realistic.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get back to the people at hand. Beyonce and Jay-Z are not vegan, they do not care about animal welfare and they have not turned a new leaf and become a compassionate couple. It frustrates me that so many vegans seem fully in support of their charade. That they make excuses simply because they are celebrities. If they have truly changed, they wouldn't be doing it for 22 days and Beyonce wouldn't be strutting into vegan restaurants wearing fox fur and cow hide. Not only is this non-vegan but also extremely disrespectful to those of us who are and I can't imagine what the vegan restaurant owners were thinking. If it was my business, she'd be kicked out.

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  1. [ Smiles ] I am in agreement with you. Beyonce and Jay-Z are definitely not vegan.

    Anyone who is serious about veganism does it for life and not 22 days.

    Also, someone should have educated the celebrity couple on what veganism really entails. We vegans don't wear leather, suede, fur or anything that derives from animals.

    You and I both know that veganism is a lifestyle and not only a diet.

    Splendid article!