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Monday, 18 August 2014

Informal Rant-- I think being a judgmental ass makes YOU less of a vegan.

This started as a Facebook status and turned into a novel, so thought I would just turn it into a blog post.

I really don't understand the mass majority of YouTuber's. I am told I am judgmental because I use words like "carnists" or simply discuss why eating meat and animal products is bad but then someone who is supposed to be vegan spends their time judging other vegans based on how "healthy" they eat. WHAT IN THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH VEGANISM?! Seriously!

People like Freelee spend their time calling people fat, making whole videos calling celebrities and YouTubers names and I am the one who is judgmental? I get rude comments because the food I eat is "processed garbage, sugar laden, fried, etc." Except you know what folks, most of these people don't even really know what I eat. Yeah, I show convenience food in my videos so people can see just how easy veganism is but that's not all I eat for crying out loud. And even if it is, IT DOESN'T MATTER BECAUSE IT'S VEGAN AND VEGANISM IS FOR ANIMALS! Shocking, right? What a concept.

I am just so tired of being told I am the one doing a "disservice" to veganism yet these people seem to completely forget what the real purpose of veganism is. If you want to eat mangos all day, go ahead! But stop acting like someone who eats Daiya Cheese and gardein is somehow less of a vegan than you are.

People go vegan because they have options now. I am sorry but most people will not go fruitarian or be excited to try veganism when all they can eat is carrots and kale. I love animals, that's why I don't eat them or their secretions. Unfortunately, the mass majority of people are growing up on heavy, greasy, sugary, animal fatty foods. I was one of them. I never gave up those things because I didn't like the taste, I gave them up because my compassion was worth more than my tastebuds. And guess what, my tastebuds love vegan food! Going vegan was the easiest thing I have ever done because my soul knew it was what was right but it wouldn't have been nearly as easy without vegan "processed" foods. All these substitutes give people a cruelty-free option without giving up the taste. That's what it's about.

If you think this makes me less of a vegan, go right ahead and think that but I think being a judgmental ass makes YOU less of a vegan.

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