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Monday, 15 June 2015

Vegan Community: Love or Hate?

I really need a break from the vegan community. I have tried so very hard to stay connected, to support my fellow activists via social media. I have watched hundreds and hundreds of videos, commenting, tweeting and retweeting, sharing Facebook posts and you know where it has got me? More frustrated than ever!

You can't win.

In one breath, according to some, I'm being intolerant because I say "hey Beyonce isn't vegan, can we not call her that." While these same people would be upset if someone they knew were using the word vegan but still consuming animal products.

Then, the same people are all for people like Vegan Gains calling other vegans names and saying nasty things about them.  

Where is the middle ground? 

I think I am reasonable and fair and above all else HONEST but it seems we spend an awful lot of time worshiping pseudo-plant-based celebrities and vegans who treat EVERYONE like assholes rather than looking at the big picture, stepping outside ourselves and realizing that our OWN choices and voice are the most important of all.

Do we focus all our energy on people like Beyonce because we really think we have no power of our own? That her influence, while it may be great, is far more important than yours or mine? Us little guys, have the ability to change the world. Speak up, stand up and embrace your right to fight! I know it isn't easy, I know we encounter a lot of in-fighting but you can make a difference. So how about instead of focusing all our time talking about celebrities who aren't really vegan, we talk about why we went vegan?

Why do these things bother me? Honestly, because I feel we are turning veganism into a friggen sideshow. It doesn't matter how someone puts it, I will not get on board with Beyonce and her plant based diet. Do I think it's better than the conventional American diet, absolutely but call it for what it is, "a mostly plant-based weightloss system." No, it's not vegan, no this is not me hating on Beyonce and no I will not change my stance because some big name vegan told me that I need to look at it differently.

I will also never ever support people like Vegan Gains. I am sorry but I think he is flat-out obnoxious and a shameful representation of our cause. He believes that if you are not skinny, even if you are vegan, you should hide in your house because you are damaging the cause. He spends his time calling people fat and other nasty names, as you can see on his video about Tricia Paytas. How and why is this what we want our community to become? To become so intolerant based on someone's body size that we are okay with the hateful words people spew? Is this any different than judging based on race, religion or ethnicity?

I write this post out of frustration. I am tired of being made to feel like I am the intolerant one when in reality, I just want people to get past their own vanity and look into the eyes of the victims. I don't care whether you eat vegan burgers and fries all day every day or if you choose to eat 30 bananas a day. I just want you to remember what being vegan really is about... the animals. The cows, pigs, chickens, goats, sheep and fish who get slaughtered by the billions every year. The mice, rats, cats, dogs, monkeys and guinea pigs who are trapped in cages as we speak so humans can perform cruel experiments so you can have longer eyelashes or plumper lips. The mink, fox and rabbits who live in cages only to meet their end on the end of a rod that anally electrocutes them so you can wear your fur coat, your fur trim or hat. And for the billions of other animals who are hunted, trapped and tortured in rodeos, aquariums and zoos.

I don't care if you are skinny, fat, muscular or scrawny, wealthy or poor, weak or powerful, happy or sad, tall or short, black, red, yellow, white or orange, whether you believe it God or not, I just want us all to live as one, to include animals in your circle of compassion and to think about how our choices affect others, not just ourselves.

Hate is not the answer.


  1. I had no idea it was so bad, since unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) I don't know that many vegans. Basically just my sister and a few people online. What you're describing is very depressing. As if how the omnis treat us wasn't enough. :(

    1. There's so much division in the community, it's very depressing. I always knew I'd have to "fight" with non-vegans but I never dreamed there would be this much fighting amongst each other.

  2. Hi Ashley! I follow your instagram and youtube! I've actually greatly enjoyed your views. I feel they are very much inline with my own and I love your passion.

    Celebrities are in the business of using themselves (and others) to make money. She is plant-based (and not great at that from what I gather either). I am certified in plant-based nutrition. I chose to do this to be a healthier vegan and to help my family. HOWEVER, I became vegan for the animals. Always the animals. As a life long (often misguided) animal lover. It only made sense to me.

    I have so many things to say regarding why these turns in the community are happening. A lot of it is societal. The use of women's bodies in campaigns for animal rights. And often raw vegans tend to glamorize going vegan. Which for the most part is fine but the definition of veganism gets lost or it's not nearly as touched upon as it should be.

    And don't get me started on the nasty name calling and shaming. We still have many social issues within veganism and animal rights movements.

    Just really frustrating and sad. Vegan hugs!

    1. Apologies for being so late responding.

      Thank you so much for your great comment! I totally agree with everything you said. It is very frustrating and sad.

  3. I completely agree with your message- as a teenager, a lot of my friends are mainly interested in my veganism as a way to lose weight (although I personally haven't- I have vegan burgers to thank for that!), or because they are influenced by celebrities who are vegan. This really saddens me because, as you say, veganism should be for the millions of animals that are constantly slaughtered, not for status or personal gain- despite the multitude of health benefits that veganism does bring. So, thank you for putting my similar thoughts so eloquently to paper in this post. P.S. I love your blog name!
    Miranda ( )

    1. Thanks for the comment Miranda! I just wish people could look outside themselves, being healthy and fit is great if that's what someone wants but how can they not think of the billions of animals killed each year and do it for them rather than themselves? Sigh. Thanks again.

  4. Ahh forever will always be full of bull shit lol just like your bull shitting videos on youtube, they really are epic intellectually challenged videos lol