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Monday, 27 February 2017

New Updates to The Vegan Peach

The Vegan Peach is your one stop website for all things vegan. A lot of work goes into researching and collecting vegan companies and products to keep you all informed. As an additional step, I'm going to be doing regular updates here to let you know of knew companies that have been added. Veganism is growing so rapidly now, I can hardly keep up with all the incredible brands popping up all over the world. Do you have something you'd like to see added? Contact me by email.







Believe Organics (Fully Vegan) 
Rabbit Nose Apothecary (Fully Vegan)
Jade Lilly Skin Botanicals (Fully Vegan)
Nature's Artisan (Fully Vegan)
The Orange Owl (Fully Vegan)
Kid Licks (Fully Vegan)
Bedrock and Bloom (Fully Vegan)
Claytox (Fully Vegan)
Sun Bum 
Serendipity Nail Polish (Fully Vegan)

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