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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Surprising Vegan Products by President's Choice

President's Choice recently announced they will be releasing 40+ plant-based products to their popular stores; Superstore, No Frills and other sister stores. This is huge news for the vegan world or those simply looking for healthier alternatives. Here at The Vegan Peach, I wanted to compile an easy access list of surprisingly vegan products you can find at your local stores. 

New products will be added when I see them in store. Here is the beginning of my list:

PC Gluten-Free waffles are accidentally vegan. Can be found in the Natural Foods freezers

PC Organics four vegetable pizza with no cheese. Found in the Natural Foods aisle freezer area.

PC Organics has a good variety of shelf-stable plant based milk options.

PC cultured coconut milk yogurt comes in 3 varieties and can be found in the dairy aisle

PC Blue Menu fruit & nut granola bars are vegan-friendly and can be found in the cereal/granola bar aisle. I personally love the dark chocolate cherry.

PC coconut milk ice cream found in the ice cream aisle. New packaging and new flavour. This ice cream is fantastic, super creamy, flavourful and delicious.
New Veggie Bites found with the packaged frozen foods.
Tofu can be found in the deli area with other vegan products.

Tempeh can be found in the deli area with other vegan products.

Mango mochi. If you love mango you will enjoy these. Found at the end of the ice cream aisle.

New Undeniable vegan burger. I believe it's to compete with the Beyond Burger. I prefer this one but it is still too meaty for me and prefer classic veggie burgers. Find this in the freezer section next to the meat burgers.
Also another vegetable based burger.

Cashew dip

Tofu Dip

Cauliflower dip

Vegan cheesecake. Find it in the freezer section near other cheesecakes. 

Chickeless breaded cutlets, found in the freezer section. Prices seem really high on the chickless products at 12.99 for a small bag.

Chickenless breaded strips. Found in the freezer section.

Chickenless breasts, found in the freezer section.

Frozen chocolate chip cookie dough rounds

Apple Crumble Pie

Vegan mayo

Chickenless and beefless broths 

coconut cheese-style spread

Chickenless and beefless strips

Vegan cheese-- they have shreds and slices

Dairy-free kefir

Mozza style sticks 

Vegan Cheese puffs

Vegetable and bean chili


Sour cream alternative 

Pancake Mix 

Plant based butter (salted and non-salted)

Quinoa coated veggie burgers


Sausageless rolls


Breakfast sausage

Beefless ground 

Fishless cakes

Fishless bites 

Cauliflower and chickpea pie

 Chocolate chips
More coming soon....


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  2. Lady Ashley, Thanks SO much for posting this with images, and for posting it period.
    I'm saving it so that I can expand my superstore choices so very much, while remaining cruelty-free. Who knew they had all this plant based stuff? It's great.
    - Deb

  3. How can I determine what the “vegetable oil” in PC plant based butter alternative consists of? A family member can’t have soy so I need to find out what vegetable oil is, specifically.