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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Moncton Vegan Guide

Since Moncton is essentially my second home, and the place I was born, I thought I would be the perfect person to create it's very own vegan guide. My Halifax guide has been so successful and helpful to tons of people, while Moncton is not quite as vegan-friendly as my home in Nova Scotia, it is definitely growing and expanding every day and I see a demand to offer a one stop guide for those from and travelling to Moncton. On top of that, it has some of the most amazing vegan food I've ever had!

So here it is,
with love,
The Vegan Peach.
xox :)

Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants: 

Copper Branch: 100% vegan restaurant on Champlain St., Dieppe. They are a food chain originating from Montreal. Offers burgers, power bowls, smoothies, desserts and so much more.

Veggie Vietnam: Vegetarian restaurant located on Champlain Street in Dieppe. I had been told multiple times over and over that everything was vegan and they did not use egg but a girl on the Moncton vegan page said she talked to the owner and they do have egg in their eggrolls, wontons and some noodles. If you love Chinese-style food, you will love this place. They offer pad thai, mock meat dishes, fried rice and noodle dishes, bubble tea and so much more. Huge menu but I definitely have some trust issues with them now. 

Calactus: Located on Church Street. Another one of my personal all-time favourite restaurants. What can I say, Moncton offers amazing vegan food! Calactus is completely vegetarian but they do offer dairy cheese, however, anything can be made vegan and they make their own tofu cream as a cheese substitute and it's pretty much the best thing ever! My personal favourites are their nachos and their Big Marq burger.

Zen Gardens: On Mountain Road, vegetarian restaurant, they use milk and egg in some things but list ingredients on the menu so it's easy to know what is vegan. I still haven't tried this place. They offer sushi, dumplings, faux meats, tea and much more.

Coffee Shops: 

Duo Cafe: On Main Street, owned by the same people as Tide and Boar, also right next door. They have soy and almond milk for drinks and offer a featured vegan sandwich daily. I have heard they also have vegan donuts on Monday's but haven't confirmed that recently.

Laundromat: Located on Mountain Road, Laundromat offers soy and almond milk in both regular and chocolate for drinks and has a vegan bahn mi.

Clementine Cafe: On Elmwood Drive, They offer soy and almond milk for drinks, a vegan date square, smoothies and a sandwich with vege pate that can be made vegan upon request. I suggest watching the barista's (I usually do everywhere because I have obvious trust issues), as the last time I was there he made mine with dairy milk. He corrected it no problem but I had already taken a sip. :(

Cafe Codiac: Located on St. George Blvd. They offer plant milks for drinks and vegan cookies made by Nico's bakery. They also have daily soup and salad specials that are sometimes vegan.

Jitter Bean Cafe: On Mountain Road, Jitter Bean offers plant milks for drinks, as well as several vegan meal options, including bibimbap (vegetables with steam rice), japchae (vegetables with sweet potato noodle) , mandoo, chao fan (stir fried rice & vegetables) and a sandwich.

Inspiration Cafe: At Church Street, offering a vegan layered toast with beans and a vegetable stir fry. Also offers plant milks for coffee. The thing that is truly unique about this cafe is they are a non-profit that addresses barriers in employment, particularly for mental health, so get your caffeine on while supporting a good cause!

Cafe Cognito: Find this cafe on Main Street, they have soy and almond milk for drinks and a vege pate sandwich.

Cafe Lakay: Donut and coffee shop that is now offering vegan donuts.

Veg-Friendly Restaurants: 

Dolma Food: On St. George Street, first floor is a food market where they sell fresh veggies, breads, packaged vegan products and more. The second floor is their restaurant where they have vegan sushi, donairs, a breakfast sandwich, vegan cake and more.

Red Satay: Has 2 locations, one in Moncton and the other in Dieppe. Offers customizable stir-fry style dishes with veggies, tofu, rice or noodles.

Guacamole: There are 4 locations of Guacamole: Morton, Universitie, Mountain Road and inside Champlain Mall food court. Their menu is fully customizable Mexican style cuisine and they mark what is vegan-friendly. They offer tofu as a protein. Please note that their fajita mix (vegetables) contains honey.

Japan Go: Located on Main Street, sushi restaurant that has a full vegetarian/vegan menu.

Piatto Pizzeria: On Main Street, pizzeria that offers a vegan pizza on their menu that can be customized.

Cinta Ria:  On Robinson Street, has a vegan menu upon request.

Maharaja: In Dieppe, Indian restaurant serving vegan chana masala, cabbage thoran and dal curry

Taj Mahal: Located on Main Street, Indian restaurant that has a vegan menu upon request.

Frahda's Pita Wrap: On Main Street, offers a marked vegan falafel or garden wrap.

Mint Tapas and Martini Lounge: Located on Weldon Street, offers a vegan Lebanese lunch buffet Monday to Friday 11:30am-2pm.

Pur & Simple: On Mountain Road and Champlain mall, breakfast restaurant that offers smoothies (almond milk) and a menu item called "The Vegan", think toast loaded with avocado, beans and a bunch of other healthy junk.

Saigon Thai: Located on Orange Lane, has a vegetarian menu that can be adapted for vegans (no egg, etc.)

Sugar Roll: On Champlain Street in Dieppe, offers vegan options, ask server for details.

Mansu BBQ: Located on Amirault Street in Dieppe. Vegan options include: Veggie tempura roll and Amirault roll and for appetizers: sushi pizza yam, avocucumber roll, edamame and veg tempura and avocado salad!

Famous Peppers: Pizza joint that offers a fully vegan pizza on their menu called "The Garden of Vegan". Offers vegan cheese.  Located in Dieppe.

Tide & Boar: They have finally added a vegan option to the menu, the vegan Big Mac. Located downtown Moncton. Fries are cooked in the same fryer as meat.

Yanakee Sushi BBQ: On Elmwood Drive, Veg sushi, udon, fried tofu and more.

Cavok: Located in Dieppe. Offers hummus and poke bowls.

Thaizone: Locations in Dieppe and Moncton. Choices include general tao, pad thai (say no egg), tum yum soup, thai soup, and stirfry.

Natural Food Stores:  

Sequoia: Natural food and supplement store with 3 locations, one in Dieppe, Trinity and Downtown. Sells vegan foods, supplements and cruelty-free products.

Corn Crib: Natural food and supplement store with 2 locations, one in Dieppe and the other on Mountain Road. Offers organic and vegan food items, cruelty-free products and supplements.

MacArthur's Food Market: Located on McLaughlin. Huge plant nursery that also has a food market attached. They offer an awesome selection of vegan products from local and international companies. Also has cruelty-free products, eco-friendly goods and supplements. Sells Beyond meat burgers and sausages, Sheese. Local brands: Good Parma, Fresh Start Fauxmage and Eggcitables.

Aqua Natural Store: Located on Penny Lane, sells cruelty-free products, supplements, protein powders and natural food items.

Market Stalls: 

Nirvana Nutrition: Sells at the Dieppe farmer's market every Saturday. Nirvana Nutrition makes decadent vegan desserts that will fool any dairy lover. She makes cheesecakes, macaroons, cookies, as well as, black bean burgers and soups. Plus Cindy is a total sweetheart. <3

Red Earth Kitchen: Has stalls at both Moncton and Dieppe markets. They have the most AMAZING vegan and raw desserts imaginable! They also sell vegan meatballs, soups, quinoa salad and more.

Hanami Sorbet: Offers vegan sorbet in many different flavours at the Dieppe market.

Charlson Faumagerie: Artisan handcrafted vegan cheese at the Moncton market.

PastaHouse: Fresh vegan pasta vendor located at the Moncton market. 

Maiz & Mixta: Maker of gluten-free and dairy-free tacos at the Moncton market. Offers 3 vegan options, pinto beans, TVP Al Please and vegan Conchita. 

**Please note, the market is currently on hiatus due to Covid. Hopefully back in September. 


Nico's Bakery: Most of their regular breads are vegan and they also have gluten-free vegan cookies.

Tomavo: Grocery store that offers fresh produce and smoothies. Locations in Moncton and Shediac.

Adorable Chocolat: Has a storefront in Shediac but also sells at the Dieppe farmer's market. They have one product labelled vegan (vegan chocolate almond snaps) but most of their dark chocolate is vegan-friendly too.

The Carefree Cakery: Offers custom made-to-order cakes, vegan options available.  

Rosie's Ice Cream: Ice cream shop in Shediac that offers vegan options. 

Cremerie Roule Ta Creme: Rolled ice cream shop in Shediac with vegan options. 

Superstore, Sobeys and Walmart all have decent natural food sections where you can find many vegan products. Winners and Marshall's carries a great variety of vegan snacks and cruelty-free items.

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  1. Cafe Lakay didn't have vegan donuts when we went... And it is not a place I would recommend... It was not fresh donuts and it smelled weird... I will not go back. But that is just my opinion...