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Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Raw Chocolate Company Review

The Raw Chocolate Company makes pure raw chocolate bars, raw chocolate bagged treats such as raisins, goji berries and more. And raw superfoods such as acai powder and cacao powder. All of their products are vegan and most are fairtrade and organic. Hailing from the UK, they offer a unique award winning taste of new and old favorites. Their products contain zero cane sugar as well, which means not only healthier but diabetic friendly. Who doesn't love a treat you don't have to feel guilty about? I was lucky enough to be sent 4 of their raw chocolate bars to review for you all. 
mint with xylitol
Mint Raw Chocolate Sweetened with Xylitol: Just 4 ingredients, that's right, 4! Cacao, xylitol, virgin cacao butter and mint oil. Being 70% cacao it does have a bit of bite. Dark chocolate lovers will delight in this smooth rich treat. The mint adds a smoothness to it that is indescribable. It's hard to believe these bars are raw. I had raw chocolate before and it was very gritty, these are not. As mentioned, they are smooth and melt in your mouth just like any "normal" chocolate bar would. In case you aren't familiar with Xylitol, here's what the company has to say:
"Xylitol is a sweetener made from Birch Trees in Finland. The name comes from the Greek ‘xylos’ meaning tree and ‘tol’ denotes that it is a sweetener – so literally xylitol means tree-sweetener. It has a low GI and has been proven to actually be beneficial to teeth."

organic pitch dark
Raw Chocolate Pitch Dark: Dark chocolate lovers rejoice, you will love this beauty. Extra smooth and rich. I am personally not a huge dark chocolate lover so found this a little bit bitter but that's to be expected. I will most likely add this as a vegan ice cream topping or something of the sort, don't worry, this baby won't go to waste. Only 3 ingredients in this bad boy: cacao mass, coconut palm sugar and virgin cold pressed cacao butter.

organic vanoffe dark
Raw Chocolate Vanoffe Dark: I can't even begin to describe the love I have for this bar. This was my favourite of the quartet, it's a flavour I have never really had before. My husband described it as "Glossette raisins." Creamy, smooth and full of flavour. The ingredients in this one are as follows: virgin cacao butter, coconut palm sugar, cacao mass, lucuma, vanilla.  I believe the lucuma may be the flavour I loved so much.
"Lucuma is a wonderfruit from Peru adding a biscuity, malty sweetness."
goji berry and orange
Raw Chocolate Goji Berry & Orange: The orange and goji berry added a nice flavour to the chocolate. Extra sweetness with the rich cacao flavour. Ingredients: cacao, coconut palm sugar, virgin cacao butter, goji berry powder, orange oil.

Sometimes simple is best. Simple ingredients, delicious flavours and nutritionally value is even better. The Raw Chocolate Company is the whole package when it comes to vegan decadence. If you love chocolate, why not eat it in the most nutritious form possible? They use no additives, no preservatives and none of that nasty stuff that you would find in conventional chocolate. What's not to love?

Just because they are based in the UK doesn't mean you can't enjoy your little piece of paradise, all their products can be ordered directly from their website and they ship internationally! Visit

Thanks so much to The Raw Chocolate Co. for giving me this amazing opportunity to try and review their products and of course for sharing it with my audience. I need to get my hands on those chocolate covered raisins next!


  1. These chocolates are looking worth trying. I'm not fond of chocolates actually but the way you described about Raw Chocolate Vanoffe Dark, I think soon I'll having one. However, I want to add that eating too sweet can be dangerous for your health. We all should limit our intake of chocolates. My favorite health drink is Goji Berry Juice. I is tasty and healthy. I can have chocolate every weekend after having healthy foods and beverage whole weekdays.

  2. These look really yummy! I love dark chocolate and it is sometimes hard to find good vegan chocolate in stores. I'll have to check this chocolate out!