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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Moncton Vegan Guide

Since Moncton is essentially my second home, and the place I was born, I thought I would be the perfect person to create it's very own vegan guide. My Halifax guide has been so successful and helpful to tons of people, while Moncton is not quite as vegan-friendly as my home in Nova Scotia, it is definitely growing and expanding every day and I see a demand to offer a one stop guide for those from and travelling to Moncton. On top of that, it has some of the most amazing vegan food I've ever had!

So here it is,
with love,
The Vegan Peach.
xox :)

Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants: 

Copper Branch: 100% vegan restaurant on Champlain St., Dieppe. They are a food chain originating from Montreal. Offers burgers, power bowls, smoothies, desserts and so much more.

Veggie Vietnam: Located on Champlain Street in Dieppe, this is one of my all time favourite restaurants, not only in Moncton but ever! If you love Chinese-style food, you will love this place. They offer pad thai, mock meat dishes, fried rice and noodle dishes, eggrolls (without egg), bubble tea and so much more. Huge menu and everything I've tried is fantastic. I believe it is 100% vegan, I have inquired and they say no egg or milk and of course no meat but there's a couple things on the menu I'm always worried about (egg pudding) but from what I know, it's all vegan.

Calactus: Located on Church Street. Another one of my personal all-time favourite restaurants. What can I say, Moncton offers amazing vegan food! Calactus is completely vegetarian but they do offer dairy cheese, however, anything can be made vegan and they make their own tofu cream as a cheese substitute and it's pretty much the best thing ever! My personal favourites are their nachos and their Big Marq burger.

Zen Gardens: On Mountain Road, vegetarian restaurant, they use milk and egg in some things but list ingredients on the menu so it's easy to know what is vegan. I still haven't tried this place. They offer sushi, dumplings, faux meats, tea and much more.

Coffee Shops: 

Duo Cafe: On Main Street, owned by the same people as Tide and Boar, also right next door. They have soy and almond milk for drinks and offer a featured vegan sandwich daily. I have heard they also have vegan donuts on Monday's but haven't confirmed that recently.

Laundromat: Located on Mountain Road, Laundromat offers soy and almond milk in both regular and chocolate for drinks and has a vegan bahn mi.

Clementine Cafe: On Elmwood Drive, They offer soy and almond milk for drinks, a vegan date square, smoothies and a sandwich with vege pate that can be made vegan upon request. I suggest watching the barista's (I usually do everywhere because I have obvious trust issues), as the last time I was there he made mine with dairy milk. He corrected it no problem but I had already taken a sip. :(

Cafe Codiac: Located on St. George Blvd. They offer plant milks for drinks and vegan cookies made by Nico's bakery. They also have daily soup and salad specials that are sometimes vegan.

Jitter Bean Cafe: On Mountain Road, Jitter Bean offers plant milks for drinks, as well as several vegan meal options, including bibimbap (vegetables with steam rice), japchae (vegetables with sweet potato noodle) , mandoo, chao fan (stir fried rice & vegetables) and a sandwich.

Inspiration Cafe: At Church Street, offering a vegan layered toast with beans and a vegetable stir fry. Also offers plant milks for coffee. The thing that is truly unique about this cafe is they are a non-profit that addresses barriers in employment, particularly for mental health, so get your caffeine on while supporting a good cause!

Cafe Cognito: Find this cafe on Main Street, they have soy and almond milk for drinks and a vege pate sandwich.

Veg-Friendly Restaurants:  

Dolma Food: On St. George Street, first floor is a food market where they sell fresh veggies, breads, packaged vegan products and more. The second floor is their restaurant where they have vegan sushi, donairs, a breakfast sandwich, vegan cake and more.

Red Satay: Has 2 locations, one in Moncton and the other in Dieppe. Offers customizable stir-fry style dishes with veggies, tofu, rice or noodles.

Guacamole: There are 4 locations of Guacamole: Morton, Universitie, Mountain Road and inside Champlain Mall food court. Their menu is fully customizable Mexican style cuisine and they mark what is vegan-friendly. They offer tofu as a protein. Please note that their fajita mix (vegetables) contains honey.

Japan Go: Located on Main Street, sushi restaurant that has a full vegetarian/vegan menu.

Piatto Pizzeria: On Main Street, pizzeria that offers a vegan pizza on their menu that can be customized.

Cinta Ria:  On Robinson Street, has a vegan menu upon request.

Maharaja: In Dieppe, Indian restaurant serving vegan chana masala, cabbage thoran and dal curry

Taj Mahal: Located on Main Street, Indian restaurant that has a vegan menu upon request.

Frahda's Pita Wrap: On Main Street, offers a marked vegan falafel or garden wrap.

Mint Tapas and Martini Lounge: Located on Weldon Street, offers a vegan Lebanese lunch buffet Monday to Friday 11:30am-2pm.

Pur & Simple: On Mountain Road and Champlain mall, breakfast restaurant that offers smoothies (almond milk) and a menu item called "The Vegan", think toast loaded with avocado, beans and a bunch of other healthy junk.

Saigon Thai: Located on Orange Lane, has a vegetarian menu that can be adapted for vegans (no egg, etc.)

Sugar Roll: On Champlain Street in Dieppe, offers vegan options, ask server for details.

Mansu BBQ: Located on Amirault Street in Dieppe. Vegan options include: Veggie tempura roll and Amirault roll and for appetizers: sushi pizza yam, avocucumber roll, edamame and veg tempura and avocado salad!

Natural Food Stores:  

Sequoia: Natural food and supplement store with 3 locations, one in Dieppe, Trinity and Downtown. Sells vegan foods, supplements and cruelty-free products.

Corn Crib: Natural food and supplement store with 2 locations, one in Dieppe and the other on Mountain Road. Offers organic and vegan food items, cruelty-free products and supplements.

MacArthur's Food Market: Located on McLaughlin. Huge plant nursery that also has a food market attached. They offer an awesome selection of vegan products from local and international companies. Also has cruelty-free products, eco-friendly goods and supplements. Sells Beyond meat burgers and sausages, Sheese. Local brands: Good Parma, Fresh Start Fauxmage and Eggcitables.

Aqua Natural Store: Located on Penny Lane, sells cruelty-free products, supplements, protein powders and natural food items.

Market Stalls: 

EZ Vegan: Vegan meal delivery service and market stall at the Moncton market. Offering fresh, healthy vegan meals and desserts.

Nirvana Nutrition: Sells at the Dieppe farmer's market every Saturday. Nirvana Nutrition makes decadent vegan desserts that will fool any dairy lover. She makes cheesecakes, macaroons, cookies, as well as, black bean burgers and soups. Plus Cindy is a total sweetheart. <3

Red Earth Kitchen: Has stalls at both Moncton and Dieppe markets. They have the most AMAZING vegan and raw desserts imaginable! They also sell vegan meatballs, soups, quinoa salad and more.

Hanami Sorbet: Offers vegan sorbet in many different flavours at the Dieppe market.

Charlson Faumagerie: Artisan handcrafted vegan cheese at the Moncton market.


Nico's Bakery: Most of their regular breads are vegan and they also have gluten-free vegan cookies.

Tomavo: Grocery store that offers fresh produce and smoothies.

Adorable Chocolat: Has a storefront in Shediac but also sells at the Dieppe farmer's market. They have one product labelled vegan (vegan chocolate almond snaps) but most of their dark chocolate is vegan-friendly too.

The Carefree Cakery: Offers custom made-to-order cakes, vegan options available. 

Superstore, Sobeys and Walmart all have decent natural food sections where you can find many vegan products. Winners and Marshall's carries a great variety of vegan snacks and cruelty-free items.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

So You Wanna Go Vegan... Now What?

Hey! The Vegan Peach here, thanks for stopping by. Have you decided to begin your journey to a compassionate lifestyle? Are you having trouble knowing where to begin? Fear not! I am here to help.


I know it can seem like a scary and difficult journey but I promise you it is very much worth it and not nearly as scary as it might seem. Look at it as a step by step process. There's no need to overwhelm yourself, the most important thing is to just start somewhere.

  • Educate yourself: I am a firm believer that getting as much knowledge as possible is going to help you so much in the long run. Watch the documentaries, read the books, visit websites like this one, watch YouTube videos, check your local library for vegan cookbooks and so on. There is an endless wealth of information out there for you and the beauty is, people like myself, have done the research for you. As you search this website, you will find all the tools you need for an easy transition. I have tried to make it as easy as possible for you.
  • Build a community: It is so important to talk to people who understand. It can feel like you might be very isolated in the beginning but finding a space to talk to like-minded people will ease that feeling. Even if you don't have local vegan groups in your city, the internet is chocked full of vegan spaces. Reach out and don't be afraid to ask questions. You might be surprised who you meet online that lives next door.
  • Google is your best friend: Many people think they are going to miss out on their favourite foods, this is where Google comes in. Vegan cookbooks are fantastic and if you can afford to buy some I highly recommend it but there are literally thousands upon thousands of vegan recipes all over the internet for every food imaginable. Type in vegan"enter food here" recipe and you will get hundreds to choose from. Everything can be veganized, you really aren't giving anything up at all.
  • Don't be afraid to speak out: Friends and family may feel concerned or confused by your decision but don't be afraid to express your views.
  • It's okay to make mistakes: Mistakes are bound to happen, sometimes we miss ingredients on prepackaged items, that is okay. The important thing is to make sure you shake it off and move forward. Life is a learning experience.
  • Don't be scared to ask for help: If you need help, ask for it. Find a vegan mentor via Vegan Outreach
  • Remember who you doing this for: Cravings can happen just don't lose sight of who you are doing this for. Look at videos of pigs, cows, chickens and remember what they go through for meat, dairy and eggs. Cravings are simply physical and will most likely go away within a month or so. Animals can't escape the misery and death. Fight past them, you are strong and capable.
  • Become an ingredient master: Labels might seem overwhelming but within a couple months you'll become a speed reader when it comes to ingredient labels. Check for common animal ingredients such as: honey, milk, whey, lard, gelatin, etc. Master tip: Read the allergy warnings first, if eggs or milk aren't there (you know no milk or eggs are in the product) then scan over the rest of the list for honey or other non-allergen ingredients.
  • You aren't really giving up anything: You are simply shifting your current habits to a cruelty free one instead.

Check out below my Beginner's Guide to Veganism and followup video with more tips and tricks. 


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Surprising Vegan Products by President's Choice

President's Choice recently announced they will be releasing 40+ plant-based products to their popular stores; Superstore, No Frills and other sister stores. This is huge news for the vegan world or those simply looking for healthier alternatives. Here at The Vegan Peach, I wanted to compile an easy access list of surprisingly vegan products you can find at your local stores. 

New products will be added when I see them in store. Here is the beginning of my list:

PC Gluten-Free waffles are accidentally vegan. Can be found in the Natural Foods freezers

PC Organics four vegetable pizza with no cheese. Found in the Natural Foods aisle freezer area.

PC Organics has a good variety of shelf-stable plant based milk options.

PC cultured coconut milk yogurt comes in 3 varieties and can be found in the dairy aisle

PC Blue Menu fruit & nut granola bars are vegan-friendly and can be found in the cereal/granola bar aisle. I personally love the dark chocolate cherry.

PC coconut milk ice cream found in the ice cream aisle. New packaging and new flavour. This ice cream is fantastic, super creamy, flavourful and delicious.
New Veggie Bites found with the packaged frozen foods.
Tofu can be found in the deli area with other vegan products.

Tempeh can be found in the deli area with other vegan products.

Mango mochi. If you love mango you will enjoy these. Found at the end of the ice cream aisle.

New Undeniable vegan burger. I believe it's to compete with the Beyond Burger. I prefer this one but it is still too meaty for me and prefer classic veggie burgers. Find this in the freezer section next to the meat burgers.

Two varieties of cashew dip. Found with the hummus. 

Vegan cheesecake. Find it in the freezer section near other cheesecakes. 

Chickeless breaded cutlets, found in the freezer section. Prices seem really high on the chickless products at 12.99 for a small bag.

Chickenless breaded strips. Found in the freezer section.

Chickenless breasts, found in the freezer section.

Frozen chocolate chip cookie dough rounds
More coming soon....

Saturday, 16 June 2018

The Not So Cruelty-Free List

I have had much of this list together for a long time on my website but thought I would transfer it over here. Many brands make grand claims of not testing on animals but how many truly live by those ethics? Wondering how brands are dishonest, let me break it down.

Mandatory testing:
requires skincare and cosmetic firms to submit to compulsory animal testing in government labs before regulators approve products for sale in the country." Therefore, if a brand is sold in China, it has to be tested on animals. That means a brand cannot be truly cruelty-free if they are selling in the Chinese market.

Parent Companies:
Another example is brands being acquired by companies that test on animals. This is becoming a very common problem these days. Although this is a grey issue for many people, The Vegan Peach stands by not purchasing products owned by parent companies that test.

I agree with Ethical Elephant when she says: "It might not seem like a big deal but your purchases ultimately make a statement. What sort of statement do you want to make? That’s up to you! Just know that there’s always more going on in the inner workings of a brand, so it’s best to know what you’re truly supporting when trying to make ethical and cruelty-free choices!"

Third Party testing:
Another area where companies can trick you into believing their products are cruelty-free when they are not is third-party testing.
"Third-party animal testing is testing that occurs on products but is not done by the brand itself.

This means that animal testing could be done by an ingredient supplier, a lab formulating the products, an affiliate company, a parent company, or a lab hired by a government agency. Animal testing could occur in a variety of combinations listed as well.

Since the brand itself is not actually testing the products on animals, but instead paying for someone else to test on animals for them, this is third-party animal testing. There are many brands who use third-party testing who state that they are cruelty free. And, while it not transparent, it is technically correct as they are not the ones doing the actual animal testing." Source: Logical Harmony

I want the consumer to make informed decisions when it comes to their products. Here's a list of brands who make cruelty-free claims but don't exactly follow through. 

Brands to avoid... those that tend to trick you with claims of being cruelty-free:

  • Avon (sells in China)
  • Bath and Body Works (third-party testers) 
  • Benefit Cosmetics (sells in China) 
  • Burt's Bees (owned by Clorox + sells in China) 
  • Clarins (sells in China)
  • Coty (sells in China)
  • Dermalogica (owned by Unilever)
  • Ecover (owned by SC Johnson) 
  • EOS (Evolution of Smooth) (sells in China)
  • Estee Lauder (sells in China) 
Owned by Estee Lauder:
  1. M•A•C
  2. Bumble and bumble
  3. Clinique
  4. Bobbi Brown
  5. Smashbox
  6. Origins
  7. Aveda
  • Jurlique (sells in China)
  • L'Occitane (sells in China)
  • L'Oreal: (tests ingredients and sells in China) 
Brands owned by L'Oreal:
  1. Lancôme
  2. Yves Saint Laurent
  3. Urban Decay
  4. PureOlogy
  5. NYX
  • Make Up For Ever (sells in China) 
  • Mary Kay (sells in China) 
  • Method (owned by SC Johnson)  
  • Mrs. Meyers (owned by SC Johnson)
  • Nivea (third-party testing) 
  • Revlon (third-party testers and sells in China) 
  • Schmidt's Naturals (owned by Unilever)
  • Sephora brand (sells in China)
  • Shiseido (sells in China) 

Owned by Shiseido:
  1. Bare Escentuals and Bare Minerals
  2. NARS Cosmetics
  • Seventh Generation (owned by Unilever)
  • Simple skincare (owned by Unilever)
  • Stila Cosmetics (sells in China)
  • St. Ives (owned by Unilever)
  • Tarte (owned by KOSE)
  • The Caldrea Company (owned by SC Johnson)
  • Tom's of Maine (owned by Colgate)
  • TRESemme (owned by Unilever)
  • Yves Rocher (sells in China)
  • Organix (OGX) (sells in China)
  • EOS (sells in China)
  • Younique (ingredients most likely tested)
  • Wet N Wild (sells in China) 
  • Herbal Essences (Owned by Proctor & Gamble)
 Image by Alba Paris

Friday, 9 February 2018

New Companies Added to The Vegan Peach




 👽Vegan Links:


Monday, 27 February 2017

New Updates to The Vegan Peach

The Vegan Peach is your one stop website for all things vegan. A lot of work goes into researching and collecting vegan companies and products to keep you all informed. As an additional step, I'm going to be doing regular updates here to let you know of knew companies that have been added. Veganism is growing so rapidly now, I can hardly keep up with all the incredible brands popping up all over the world. Do you have something you'd like to see added? Contact me by email.







Believe Organics (Fully Vegan) 
Rabbit Nose Apothecary (Fully Vegan)
Jade Lilly Skin Botanicals (Fully Vegan)
Nature's Artisan (Fully Vegan)
The Orange Owl (Fully Vegan)
Kid Licks (Fully Vegan)
Bedrock and Bloom (Fully Vegan)
Claytox (Fully Vegan)
Sun Bum 
Serendipity Nail Polish (Fully Vegan)

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Battle of the Vegan Deodroants

Still one of the biggest complaints I get from people is finding a vegan and cruelty-free deodorant they like and really works. I feel like there is 2 main components to a good deodorant.; the ability to apply the deodorant easily and smoothly and of course, the overall effectiveness of it. So I wanted to give my opinions on the many different brands I have tried and my experience with each. If I try new ones in the future, I will also add them to this list. Hopefully this will be effective in helping people find what works for them. We have to remember what works for one person, may not work for everyone. We are all made up of different chemicals and our bodies are all very different. It's also important to remember that natural deodorant are NOT antiperspirants, as those involve nasty chemicals, such as aluminum. It is natural to sweat even if it is uncomfortable for us, it's HEALTHY. Natural deodorants can still be very effective however and here are my results.

First number is for effectiveness, second is for the application quality. 

3-1 Minimo- I received this, along with a couple other items, from the creator for a YouTube review. The formula has changed since I got it, so everyone please keep this in mind. The new formula may be way better. The one I tried was extremely rough on the skin, so much so that I only used it a couple times and couldn't take it anymore. I have extremely sensitive armpits and it was hurting them badly. It also was extremely white and left a bad residue. However, I did find it fairly effective considering. I would like to eventually try the new formula in hopes of better results.

4-4 Kiss My Face- This tends to be my go to drugstore brand for deodorant. It's been tried and true for many years. It goes on smooth, clear and is also very effective for me. Kiss My Face has a few styles of their deodorants including a roll-on and stick. I prefer the stick but I do like their roll-on one as well. The scents are really nice too.

3-4 Jason- This is another trusted drugstore brand. Not quite as effective as the Kiss My Face but I do still like it but you will most likely have to reapply a couple times a day. They come in lovely scents and go on smooth.

3-5 Lavanila- I decided to try the Lavanila deodorant after my best friend told me it is her favourite. The coconut that I had smells fantastic and it's probably the nicest deodorant to apply. So smooth and easy. My only issue was that it wasn't super effective for me and I did have to reapply during the day. A stronger scent may resolve that.

1-1 Me & You Body- I hate having to say this since this is a small independent company out of BC but honestly, it was terrible all around for me. Way too rough to apply and also not effective. Sorry Me & You body. :(

4-2 Lafes- I actually got this deodorant for my husband but decided to try it for myself. Hubby said that he did find it to work quite well, for me it worked okay, not fantastic. But my biggest complaint was application. A bit rough and sticky which I didn't enjoy.

2-4 Nutribiotic- Effectiveness with Nutribiotic was not great but I did love the scent and application was very smooth and easy to apply. 

5-5 Rustic Maka- Second place for favourite deodorant has to be the Pachy by Rustic Maka. I received this as a free product to review and I fell in love. The scent is amazing, smooth application and it worked wonders. Fresh all day without having to reapply.

4-4 Crystal Deodorant- Tried and true Crystal deodorant is such a unique product and one of the first deodorants I used when I went vegan. My mother actually used it before I knowing that aluminum is so bad for us. My mother switched after having a lump in her breast and has never gone back. I give effectiveness a 3 cause I do normally have to reapply during the day but overall, you'd be surprised how well a crystal rock can work. They also have it in roll-on and spray methods now and that's even better! I really like using it between applications of other deodorants and I also keep a small crystal in my purse. I don't mind any of the methods but could see some people not liking them. It's definitely not like traditional deodorants which could be difficult to get used to.

2-3 Nature's Gate- Application of the Nature's Gate deodorant is not bad but I didn't find it overly effective. They do have nice scents and many of their other products are great.

1-2 Green Beaver- Green Beaver is a fantastic Canadian company but they fell short on the deodorant game. I found application sticky and the effectiveness bad. I had to reapply multiple times per day and the scents are nice but not strong enough.

3-3 Desert Essence- If you've followed me on YouTube at all, you know how much I love Desert Essence. Their hair care products are by far my favourite. The deodorant they make smells amazing but works just okay. Application is pretty smooth.

1-2 EO Organics: Not only did I not particularly enjoy the spray aspect, as it creates wet armpits that you need to let dry before putting a shirt on. It also didn't work well for me. :(

2-1 Hugo Naturals: I picked up a couple of their deodorants on sale. Unfortunately, I didn't care for them. The application is really rough going on and it's not all that effective either.

2-5 Nature Love: The scent was wonderful and application was really smooth but the effectiveness was not so great. I had to reapply at least a couple times a day.

3.5-5 Alaffia: Nice fresh scent and smooth application. Fairly effective as well. Sometimes I need to reapply closer to the end of the day.

3-5 Live Clean: I love the baby powder scent and how smooth the application is but I do find I need to reapply a couple times a day. I love that it's mainstream though and can be found at places like Walmart.

1-4 Natural Care: Smells lovely and applies smooth but is not very effective against odor. I have to reapply a couple times a day.

Rating system: 
Not affective 1____3____5 Very affective

Rough 1____3____5 Smooth

 Want a detailed review of even more natural deodrants? Check out my friends over at who handtested 23 natural deodorants. Click here.