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Monday, 22 April 2013

Las Vegas Vegan Eats-- Pura Vida

Visiting Vegas from Canada, Pura Vida was on my list of must visits and I am glad I did. Despite some bad reviews on their Yelp page and a few warnings regarding these reviews, Chef Mayra and the staff of Pura Vida did not disappoint. Our waitress was extremely welcoming and warm. She offered us free samples of their iced drinks and was also very helpful in explaining menu options. My husband and friend, Ana decided on the quesadilla and I decided on "The Frank" which is an eggless salad sandwich.

While waiting for our meals, I spent a great deal of time admiring all the vegan-friendly decor which included cute plaques and adopted turkeys photos from Farm Sanctuary on the walls. Lots of vegan pamphlets and magazines were also laid out for people to help themselves to or just have a look while they waited. The restaurant was very clean and cozy.

When our food arrived we were all in awe. Large portions that were laid out just perfectly. The plates looked so pretty and everything was very appetizing. The food was truly incredible. My friend who is a true Mexican food lover, was extremely happy with her dish. My husband was as well. Mine did not disappoint either which came with not only a massive sandwich but a delicious little fruit salad as well. Everything was flavorful, filling and truly delicious.

I also wanted to mention that people need to realize that this is not a fast food restaurant but a sit down joint with food that is fresh, flavorful and personally prepared with extreme care and love. The staff was extremely kind, fun and welcoming.  We also got to witness where the bad reviews have come from. People coming in with attitudes expecting their food to be there as soon as they order. 

We even went back a second time since we loved it so much. We had just as wonderful experience as the first. I got a delicious marble waffle topped with bananas and chocolate that also came with a side of tofu scramble, my husband got the quesadilla again and my friend got a delicious wrap which came with a salad.

Thank you Chef Mayra and all the staff at Pura Vida for the amazing meal and experience. 

"The Frank" aka eggless salad sandwich
Salad that came with the wrap
Marble waffle
Tofu scramble that came with the waffle

 My video review of Pura Vida

Pura Vida Bakery & Bystro By Chef Mayra on Urbanspoon

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