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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Las Vegas Vegan Eats-- Ronald's Donuts

Ronald's Donuts tends to be a highly mentioned spot for any vegan traveling to the Las Vegas region. And now I understand why. Ronald's is not hard to find, located in Chinatown on Spring Mountain Road. We did a bit of navigating and we located it quite easily. The first thing I noticed was the cute Asian style building in which it was located. You walk in and it's this adorable little shop that is clean and welcoming. The lady behind the counter was extremely friendly and knew immediately when we asked about vegan donuts. The two top shelves were all vegan. The donuts are large and very well priced. They had everything from apple turnovers, to soy cream filled eclairs and raspberry filled donuts. We started with the soy cream filled and raspberry filled and devoured those. They were so delicious that we decided to get a dozen to take back to the hotel with us.  Just looking at the photos now makes me instantly crave them. This is definitely a spot to hit if you are in Vegas. Hands down the best donuts I have ever eaten.

Also, to note, there's been a lot of controversy about the sugar at Ronald's but rest assured that was sorted out quite sometime ago. Their sugar is indeed vegan now, so you can enjoy without the worry.

The 2 top rows are all vegan!
The soy cream filled eclair and 2 raspberry filled

Soy cream filled eclair

                                                      Watch my reaction at Ronald's! Ronald's Donuts on Urbanspoon

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