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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Las Vegas Vegan Eats-- Terrace Pointe Cafe

The Wynn is always a quickly mentioned destination for vegans visiting Vegas. Steve Wynn himself is a well known vegan and when he went vegan, he made all the restaurants in his hotels have a vegan menu. Walking around, I was so thrilled to look at the menus and seeing a vegan option on every one. We chose the Terrace Pointe Cafe as it was the place my friend Ana had been raving about. They have a full vegetarian menu, which is actually all vegan. The prices can be rather high depending on what you're used to but one thing that is extremely affordable at only 9 dollars is the vegan burger, fries and milkshake. My husband and I went for that as it seemed like the best bang for your buck. Heather, Ana's sister got the vegan french toast and Ana (who was not feeling the best that day) went for a simple fruit cup and milkshake.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the place, the decor is elegant yet comfortable. The service was impeccable and so was the food. Our burger and shake really reminded me of old fashioned fast food but of course, a lot less greasy and much more healthy. Heather loved her French toast and it was truly beautiful to look at. After we finished Heather asked if someone would like to split a banana split with her and being the glutton that I am, I couldn't resist. ;) It was so delicious! And again, with such a pretty presentation.

I really recommend the Terrace Pointe Cafe the next time you are in Vegas.


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