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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Las Vegas Vegan Eats-- Red Velvet Cafe

This will be my last blog entry regarding restaurants in Vegas. Red Velvet Cafe has 3 separate locations in Las Vegas. While this is not a vegan restaurant, anything on the menu can be made fully vegan and the majority of their desserts are already so. The options are basically endless and choosing dessert truly is a difficult venture.

I was lucky enough to visit 2 different locations, 3 separate times. The one in Fashion Show Mall was our first one and I can't tell you the excitement I felt walking into that place. We were lucky enough to have excellent staff all 3 visits, who were extremely helpful and knowledgeable in the vegan lifestyle, as well as being very understanding with our long time deciding on what to order.

The food was all very delicious and the desserts were incredible! Another definite spot to check out if you are a vegan in Vegas.

Buffalo "chicken" wrap

Hot fudge sundae cake

Raspberry coconut cake
Red velvet cake

Vegan chicken burger
Blueberry cake

                                                       Watch my video review Red Velvet Cafe on Urbanspoon


  1. All of this literally made my mouth watery! It's still morning and I haven't eaten anything yet so this got me very tempted for some wraps and a sundae!