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Friday, 6 December 2013

New Daiya Products Review

Our grocery stores have finally received the new products from Daiya. I have tried 1 from each of the new selections and wanted to share my personal thoughts and opinions with you.

First is the Daiya slices. These are actually probably my new favourite product from Daiya foods. They melt, they stretch and they taste very similar to real cheese (but not so much so that you get disgusted as a vegan). My favourite is definitely the swiss but all of them taste wonderful. They are extremely versatile as well. I have used them on grilled cheese sandwiches, normal sandwiches which aren't heated, pizza and believe it or not, even crackers-- these are the very first cheese substitute I feel tastes good even on plain ole crackers.

I give the slices 5/5.

 Next on the list is the new cream cheese style spreads from Daiya. I was extremely excited to try them but unfortunately ended up disappointed. I got the Chive and Onion one because that tends to be my favourite flavour for bagels. The consistency is very much like cream cheese but the flavour was a bit bizarre. I found it had an almost sour flavour to it and was not all that appetizing for me.  We ended up using the leftovers in a pasta dish and that was not too bad. I think they may work better for cooking than simply eating on a bagel or crackers.

I give the cream cheese 2/5.

Last on the list are Daiya's new frozen pizzas. I had heard mixed reviews on them so wasn't sure what to expect. They didn't have the mushroom ones which is the one I am most looking forward to trying, so we settled on the fire-roasted vegetable. I think the pizza was good, flavourful, easy and quick if you are in a hurry and the crust even tasted good which shocked me since it is gluten-free. I can't say it's something I'd buy often since just like many vegan convenience foods they are a bit pricey but if you need something quick and easy after work, this is a great option. And especially good for those that also can't have gluten.

I give the pizza 4/5.

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