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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Vegan Cuts Snack Box-- May 2014

I do not have a review for the Jyoti or Saffron Road Rogan Josh sauce as I have not tried them yet. I also do not have a review for the JIVA hot chocolate yet, hoping to try it tonight.
Another month, another Vegan Cuts snack box. May's box was curated by Vegan Yack Attack which featured not only snack foods, but meal foods as well. I was particularly stoked about the Beanfields ranch chips, Nature's Bakery lemon fig bar and the At the Table Together pizza dough. Now for some reviews:
Meeka likes the box too. I do not have a photo of the olives, Dave ate those before I got to a chance. I am not an olive fan.

Meatless Select, Vegetarian Taco Filling is actually vegan (obviously). It's a convenient way to buy a faux meat product since it would take a long time to go out of date. Also easy to store and you don't have to worry about keeping it refrigerated. I recommend this more if you are a single person and only have to worry about cooking meals for yourself because you unfortunately don't get very much in a small can like this. This was enough to make 2 tacos, so my husband tried one and I tried one and then I made more taco meat myself with another product. Cooking is easy, you just heat and serve. I personally found the flavour very mild, a little too oily but not terrible. My husband on the other hand loved it. I can't say it's something I would spend the money on myself but it was nice to have the opportunity to try it out.
The easy make pizza dough mix from At the Table Together, I was very excited about. I love pizza but I don't love making dough so this was a great alternative. You simply add some carbonated water and oil. Now here's where I got disappointed, you have to leave the dough to rise for 3 hours to overnight. I was planning on making it right away until I realized this, so I ended up just leaving it overnight to use the next day. My other complaint was the fact the dough was extremely sticky, like I mean I touched it and got dough all over my hands which I couldn't get off easily at all. So make sure you use lots and lots of flour when handling it, placing it on a surface, etc. The dough was pretty tasty once I actually made the pizza but much like the Meatless Select, it didn't make very much. It was a small pizza that my husband and I split. This is another item I can't say I would purchase again myself.

Supereats kale and chia chips. So for anyone who knows me, you know I am not a kale fan. I try, I really do but it just doesn't work for me. But I did see potential in these possibly masking the kale taste with the beans and other things added. Unfortunately, I was wrong. When you initially put them in your mouth, you taste more the black bean and corn than anything else but the longer they are in your mouth, the more the kale flavour comes out. I ate 2 and couldn't eat anymore. I passed them on to my friend Sam and she devoured the bag. She's lucky because she can't taste bitter, so these were great to her.

Nature's Bakery make my favourite fig bars. They are like fig newtons but better. I was really excited about this new lemon flavour from them but have to admit I was a little disappointed. It's not bad and doesn't taste awful, I just didn't really taste the lemon flavour very well. It's extremely mild. I still love Nature's Bakery but don't think this would be my first choice when buying.

Beanfields Ranch chips were something I had been dying to try since they were announced. I loved their nacho flavored ones so naturally I needed to try these. Although they are tasty, I was still disappointed. I expected a much bolder ranch flavour, instead it was very light and mild, kind of boring. I didn't hate them or anything, I just didn't love them like I wanted to. Another disappointment.

Simply Sesame in vanilla with almond bits. Fact: I am not much of a sesame seed fan but I still had hope for this. I tried it on my morning bagel and unfortunately, I wasn't in love with it. Sesame has a very burnt flavour to me and this did as well. The vanilla was very mild but thankfully gave it enough sweetness I didn't hate it completely. I wouldn't purchase this myself though.

I admit, I am fussy. I thought that I was going to love this box but it turned out that there were no items in the box I particularly adored. Nothing goes to waste though, I make sure of that. I share the items I don't care for with friends and family and am happy to give anything a go at least once. Better luck next time.


  1. I've tried a few of the Saffron Road pouch products recently and they are really hit or miss. Some are fantastic and others are just horrible. Be careful of the spice meter. When they say "spicy" it is SPICY.

    1. Thanks for the warning. I still haven't tried mine haha! I don't know what to put it on.