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Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Power of (Vegan) Hugs

Positivity does the body and veganism good. 

On Canada Day, a group of us decided to celebrate Canada's birthday with some positive activism. The six of us and my husband, who took the video and photos, handed out hundreds of vegan pamphlets, leaflets, stickers, vegan candy and of course, lots of hugs! The amount of positive feedback we received was astounding. We met several vegans, transitioning vegans, plant based dieters for health reasons, curious omnivores and vegetarians. We got asked lots of questions and even had people taking photos of us or with us. We met a raw vegan food blogger Carpe Raw who spotted us from the ferry, who ran over and gave us big hugs and told us about her vegan blog. We met several individuals who had family members who were vegans and excited to see us out and about. The positivity was truly astounding and one of the best days I have had in sometime.

There's nothing more powerful than positive energy and a vegan hug of course. :)