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Sunday, 4 January 2015

A Review of Samana Naturals w/ Discount Code

Samana Naturals is a cruelty-free and vegan skincare/cosmetic company based out of Toronto, Canada. They strive to be a truly environmentally-friendly company, creating products that not only benefit your body but are fully biodegradable and using plastic that is also recyclable. To learn more about the ethics of Samana, click here

Samana offered to send me 2 products free of charge so that I could review them for you. I received their rosewood geranium daily light vegan lotion and the mocha face scrub.

Rosewood Geranium Daily Light Vegan Lotion: Like the name suggests, this is a light lotion. It leaves your skin smooth and moisturized without leaving a residue. The only down side for me was I wasn't overly fond of the scent. I am not a fan of floral type scents because of my allergies but I didn't have an issue with an allergic reaction, it was more of a personal preference. Scent aside, this lotion works great and really helped my dry winter skin.

Mocha Face Scrub: This product is one in a million. I have used several scrubs that I love but this one hits it out of the ballpark. The smells is incredible and it leaves your skin like silk or smooth as a babies bottom, whatever you'd prefer. ;) High-end ingredients such as shea butter, sunflower oil  and ground coffee is what makes this product so effective. Your skin will love you for this one. See below for a tutorial video from me using the scrub.

Samana also offers vegan lip balms, soaps and other lotions as well. All their products can be purchased from their website. Thanks so much to Samana Naturals for this opportunity to share my thoughts with my followers. 

Also take advantage of a chance to save 10% with the code TAKETEN

                                                          Mocha Face Scrub Tutorial

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