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Monday, 15 February 2016

Local Vegan Eats-- Blue Apples

Blue Apples is located at:
5239 Blowers Street. 
Halifax, NS

How does one who loves someplace so much even begin to write a proper review for it? Blue Apples has basically stolen my heart. This place extends far beyond a tea bar. It serves as a sanctuary for meditation, yoga, massage, herbalism and acupuncture. I feel that Blue Apples is also a community center, a place to warm your heart, mind and stomach. A haven for vegans and non-vegans alike and a place to truly unwind and breath. Many community events are hosted here, everything from yoga and meditation to art events and talks.


I admit, I came to Blue Apples for the vegan fare but I left with so much more. It has become my absolute favourite hangout spot in the city, not only for the delicious food and drink but for the zen atmosphere and friendly company. I have never felt as welcomed in any place as I do here. Daniel, Michelle and the other folks are the kindest, sweetest and most helpful people you could possibly meet. They always have big smiles on their face when I walk in the door and I truly cannot tell you how refreshing that is.

Herbalism: If you are looking for herbs of any sort, Blue Apples is the place to go. They have shelves lined with everything you can imagine. Daniel, clinical herbalist, does consultations to help aid you in your overall health, drawing from the global systems of Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, Western herbalism, Spagyrics and more. 

Vegan Foods and Tea Bar: They offer lots of hot and cold drinks, kombucha, sandwiches, smoothies, soups, brownies and more. They also sell some of the housemade seitan from enVie and have a freezer with products from In the Raw. You will also find Rawthentic chocolate bars, The Cultured Coconut's kefir and many other local made products. 

And I must state, they have simply the best brownies you can possibly get in the city. <3


Arts prints, bracelets, local soap and skincare is also available in store. As mentioned, they have an acupuncturist, yoga instructor and massage therapist in house as well. Events are constantly being planned, I suggest following their Facebook page to keep up to date.

So sit back, relax, enjoy a hot or cold drink and snack and take a load off. In such a hectic world, it's refreshing to find such a zen place to relax. There's just so much offered at Blue Apples but most of all, a lot of love and care. 

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