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Monday, 25 July 2016

Vegan Guide to the Yukon

So I no longer live in the Yukon but I did travel back to visit family last month and I was shocked to see how much veganism has grown there. I saw new restaurants with vegan options and lots of places to shop. So, therefore, I am going to make a vegan guide to the Yukon. Who knows if anyone will use it or not but I am going to make it anyhow. I went vegan in Whitehorse 5 years ago, it may seem like a strange place to be vegan but with the high concentration of tourists, I think there is a demand for vegan options. Veganism is growing everywhere and that's something to smile about. :)


Where to eat: 

 The Poor Creature: The Yukon's only all vegan restaurant. They offer fresh salads, curries, stews, sweet treats and much more. They don't use any refined sugar either. 

Alpine BakeryThe Yukon's only ALL vegetarian spot. They offer an assortment of vegan milk alternatives for drinks, vegan cheesecake, pizza and other offerings daily. I have noticed a couple items saying vegan when they have honey in them so watch for that. The also stock some pantry type items. Of course their bread and stuff is normally vegan as well. They do not use eggs at all. I feel sad that I didn't go here more often when I lived in the Yukon.

Baked Cafe: They have daily soups and one is always vegan. They have vegan muffins, soy or almond milk for drinks. I recommend getting there early if you want food though cause their cases clear out really quickly.

Epic Pizza: They have daiya cheese! Their dough and sauce is vegan so you can make an awesome vegan pizza. They also have nachos and pasta which I suspect could be made vegan as well.

Big Bear Donair:
They offer vegan falafel and great service!

Cafe Balzam: Located at the Tahkini Hot Springs, they offer a vegan burger crepe, poutine without cheese (gravy is vegan) and a bean puree.

Garlic A GoGo: Offers salads, falafel, pita wraps, basmati rice bowls, and its Greek garlic fries which are french fries tossed in a seasoning blend and topped with goat feta and tzatziki -- ask to make vegan.

Gold Pan Saloon: Food menu is pub food and mostly non-veg but has one black bean veggie burger, a veggie pizza, and salads. Ask which can be veganized.

Pickapeppa: Jamaican cuisine. All the vegetarian options are also vegan.

Sanchez Cantina: Mexican restaurant with vegan options.

Where to shop:  

Superstore: Superstore has been fully renovated since I lived in the Yukon. They offer a much larger natural section with many vegan options.

Super A: Has quite a few vegan convenience foods, including ones I can't even get in Nova Scotia. Look for Gardein, Daiya and many other vegan brands.

Riverside: Huge selection of vegan options, prices are high on some stuff but they by far have the biggest selection of convenience foods and cruelty-free beauty products.

3 Beans: If you are looking for cruelty-free products, here's the place to go.

Bigway: Surprised to see Bigway even carrying more vegan products including Daiya cheese, Coconut Bliss, Enjoy Life products and more.

Farmer Robert's: This is a new place since I left the Yukon and it's a really awesome store. Country style store but offers a lot of vegan products you can't find elsewhere. Also stocks cruelty-free cleaning supplies.

The Fruit Stand: Seasonal fruit stand with produce and other packaged items.

Dawson City: Most things in Dawson are seasonal so please be aware that things may be closed during the winter. 

Alchemy Cafe: Internet cafe that offers plant based milk for drinks. Many baked goods are vegan and they also have fully vegan meals.


Caribou Crossing Coffee:  The daily soup is always vegan and depending on the time of day they have vegan baked goods, such as muffins and also has almond and soy milk for drinks.

Haines Junction: 

Village Bakery: Bakery and cafe that offers vegan lasagna, stuffed peppers, tofu rice paper wraps, pizza and more. They also sell Endangered Species chocolate bars. Staff was great help on pointing out vegan options. Open May through September 1st only.

Caribou Coffee in Carcross, YT


  1. Thanks a lot!! That's an impressive list. My wife and I (both vegan) are traveling to Whitehorse this summer and I never thought to find that many options.

  2. I came across your website and was wondering if you might be able to help me. We are an international television station that promotes veganism. You can watch us online at
    We are looking for an Inuit to host one of our television shows, but that person must be vegetarian. Would you happen to know someone? Or how we can find a vegan Inuit?