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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

A Vegan Guide to Rural Nova Scotia

I want veganism to be accessible to everyone, so this is my guide to being vegan outside of the city in Nova Scotia. I grew up all over rural NS and have to say, even though I don't get there much anymore, you'd be surprised at the options you can find. Find the vegan guide to Halifax (HRM) here: Vegan Halifax

Pro tip: Almost all mainstream grocery store has a section with plant based milks, meat, cheeses, snacks, etc. Check the natural aisles in both Sobeys and Superstore. Walmart across the province is also offering a lot more plant-based options and even some small grocery stores are bringing more products in. Many places also have restaurants that are willing to veganize items for you if nothing appears on the menu. It's important to ask questions. 

Irving Big Stop Restaurants are now serving the Beyond Burger! Locations are throughout the Maritimes.  
Simply For Life operates throughout the province, they have nutritional counseling which can cater to the vegan diet. They also sell vegan products, packaged items and to-go vegan foods. 

A list of Chain Restaurants you can find in Canada.

Welcome to The Vegan Peach's Vegan Guide to Rural Nova Scotia

  • Frank & Gino's: Italian restaurant offering build-your-own pastas that can be made vegan by using toppings like tofu and vegetables. Also offers vegan salads and a gluten free pizza crust that is vegan friendly.  
  • Art of Eating Deli: Cafe that offers veggie wraps and salads, sometimes soups and bowls that are vegan. They have vegan mayo, spread and cheese.  
  • Birkinshaw's: Teahouse with one vegan menu option, Thai curry and sometimes daily vegan specials. 
Annapolis Royal: 
  • Annapolis Natural Foods: local natural foods store that carries specialty vegan items, cruelty free cleaning and beauty supplies, bulk foods and snacks. 
  • Leo's Cafe: made-to-order sandwich with sunflower spread and veggies, just specify no cheese.
  • Garrison House: apparently has two vegan entrees.  
  • Bistro East: reportedly has a separate vegan menu with customizable sandwiches and coconut ice cream.  
  • Founders: The menu doesn't look very vegan-friendly but if you call ahead they will take care of you. Reported to have 5 entrees that can be done vegan. 
  • 1 Scoop 2 Scoop: Has coconut milk ice cream on the menu. 
  • Pachamama: fully vegetarian cafe. Everything is made vegan but they do carry dairy milk for coffee. They have handmade gelato, raw chocolates, muffins, lunch specials, granola parfaits, snacks, smoothies, etc. and carry almond milk and coconut for coffee at no extra charge.
  • The Townhouse Brewpub & Eatery: marks vegan items on the menu. Vegan chili, hummus, chana masala, apple tart. 
  • Sunflower Market: sells cruelty-free beauty and cleaning supplies, bulk foods and other specialty items.
  • Brownstone Cafe: offers a hummus dip platter, Black Bean & Mushroom Veggie Burger, as well as a few items that look like they may be able to be veganized upon request. 
  • The Moonlight Restaurant: offers deep fried tofu with black bean sauce and also a mushroom chop suey. Rice noodles can be used in place of noodles that have egg in several of their meals.
  • Little Christo's: has a number of options including falafel, hummus and other Mediterranean cuisine. 
  • The Tall and Small Cafe: offers both almond and soy for beverages. Smoothies, sandwiches, a veggie burger (inquire if vegan) and wraps. 
  • Justamere Cafe: Has oat milk for drinks. Unsure if any baked goods and other food items are vegan. 
  • Love Eat Asian: Asian style cuisine, offers tofu and vegetable dishes. 
  •  Thai Memory: large menu with many vegan-friendly options. Inquire for details.
  • Bean There Cafe: has almond and soy for drinks and bagels that are vegan friendly. 
  • Highwheeler Cafe: offers a veggie burger and quinoa wrap which can be made vegan. Vegan baked goods are often available as well.
  • Yellow Cello Cafe: 
    Cafe and restaurant that doesn't specify vegan on the menu but has some vegan choices. Oatmeal can be made vegan and can have added fruit, chili is vegan without cheese, pizza dough and sauce is vegan (no cheese) and there is plant based creamer for coffee drinks. 
  •  Becca's Bayport Pub: menu has marked vegan options including a black bean burger, curry, poutine, and chili. Seasonal.
Beaver Bank:
  • Beaver Bank Station: offers a sweet potato and black bean burger and a few other items on the menu that has vegetarian options (inquire for vegan). 
  • Union Street Cafe: have a veggie burger, hummus platter, salads and veggie curry and offers many different varieties of cauliflower as a meat-sub. 
  • Rising Sun Natural Foods: carries specialty vegan food and cruelty-free products.
 Brier Island: 
  • South Shore Natural Foods: sells cruelty-free products, supplements, vegan treats and other specialty items.
  • 27 South at Best Western: has a portobello burger, salad, as well as a couple dishes that sound like they easily can be veganized (vegetable wrap without cheese). 
  • Fancy Pants Cafe: Lunch menu has a vegan sandwich, burger, salad and the daily soup is always vegan. Also offers plant based milks.
  • Mama Pit: Local family owned restaurant offering five vegan pitas including a veggie burger, falafel, black bean and roasted garden vegetable. Also offers vegan salads, sauces, pakora, samosa, fries and fried pickles. 
  • Pizza Town Pizzeria offering vegan dough, mozzarella and vegetable toppings. Also has vegan salad.
  • Curry Express: Has a large vegetarian menu, many of which can be made vegan
  • Sweet Street: Home Baker that makes beautiful custom cupcakes. 
  • Chef Rick's: Chef offering made to order dishes with vegan options for pick-up only. Meals could include vegan fettuccine, seasoned vegan chicken and wraps
  • Wonderland Milkshake and Smoothie Bar: Offers Soy, Coconut and Oat milk and vegan protein powder for smoothies. Was also testing out vegan gelato so check in on that as well. 
  • Atlantic Bubble Milk Tea: Bubble milk tea, smoothies, and other drinks with soy and almond milk options and vegan flavour shots.
  • Crystany's: is a fully gluten-free restaurant that also offers several vegan options. Options include a veggie sandwich, spinach salad, mushroom dish and eggplant dip.
    • Kiwi Cafe: doesn't have a lot on their menu but you will see a little note stating they will make vegan items upon request. They do have a veggie burger on the menu but not sure on the vegan status. They have a vegan power ball available and offer tea, coffee, etc.  
    • Chester'sCafe that offers soy, almond and coconut milk. Oatcakes are also vegan and there are daily soups that are sometimes vegan. 
    • Cup of Soul: offers a vegan panini and veggie burger   
    • Valley Natural Foods: offers local products as well a variety of natural grocery products.
    • The Country Store: specialty vegan foods, cruelty free products, supplements and more.
    • Green Elephant Cafe: Offers daily items, some of which are vegetarian and occasionally vegan, such as noodle bowls, chili, and soups. 
    • The Crossing: offers a vegan portobello burger (including vegenaise). A couple other dishes look like they can be veganized as well. 
    • Oaken Barrel Public House: has a large menu with many marked vegetarian and vegan options. The curry bowl, fajitas,  greek salad (no feta), chickpea wrap and a few appetizers can be made vegan. 
    • Pascalice's Bistro:  The chef here is vegan and they offer a vegan rosti options with tofu and vegetables.
    Hackett's Cove: 
    • The Finer Diner: has vegan dhal, bean salad and falafel. Informed by someone who has been there: "Seems they serve the Falafel on Naan bread and it does contain milk and eggs they said. Same with Dahl. You can get the Falafel on rice with just the chili sauce, but the naan is not vegan. We didn't ask if they had a substituent, like a pita or wrap, but that's a possibility."
    • Trellis Cafe: has a veggie burger, soup, curry and hummus plate. 
    • Hubbard's Cove Coffee: offers a vegan panini and soy milk for drinks. They are currently working on expanding their vegan options. 
    Kentville/New Minas/Coldbrook: 
    • Mere Health Foods: sells health foods, supplements and cruelty-free products.
    • T.A.N. Coffee: locations in Kentville and Coldbrook. Has soy milk for drinks and also has vegan treats.
    • Sushi Fang: has vegan sushi options.
    • Edible Art Cafe: has soy milk for drinks and sandwiches which can be made vegan (ask for no cheese). 
    • Soonhan's Sushi: has veggie sushi (according to a friend the avocado rolls are amazing). 
    • Cotton Tale Cafe + Play:  Cafe and kids play place. Offers non-dairy milks and vegan sweet and savory food options. 
    • Kings Arms Pub: Now offers the Beyond burger.  
    • Pita Pit:  They offer vegan-friendly pitas and smoothies. You can navigate their website to tell you what is vegan with their dietary restrictions setting. They also have nutritional charts readily available in store and mark items that are vegan with a V+. Some options are spicy black bean and falafels.
    • Maritime Express: Offers marked vegetarian and vegan options on their menu. Vegan options include a Buddha bowl and sesame cake for dessert. 
    • Half Acre Cafe: Has plant based milks and vegan cookies. 
    • Sable Shortbread: Offers vegan cookie options. 
    • Lunn's Mill: has a rotating menu but the vegan options (and the veg ones are pretty veganizable)
    • Golden Pond: reportedly has many accidentally vegan-friendly items on the menu. The cooks and servers understand what vegan means and will advise you accordingly. 
    • White Point Beach Resort: has many vegetarian menu options, inquire if vegan. The veggie burger was reported to me as vegan-friendly.
    • Lincoln Street Food: is a small town restaurant who's menu changes often. Vegan options available.
    • Salt Shaker Deli: has vegan pizza and a falafel burger. 
    • Laughing Whale: offer almond and soy milk for drinks. 
    • The Savvy Sailor: offers soy and almond for drinks and a vegan breakfast meal. 
    • The Bicycle Lunchbox: small cafe style menu with several vegan options including smoothies, energy balls, wraps, burritos and soups.  
    • Lamprai and SpiceSri Lankan restaurant with half of the menu items vegetarian or vegan. Vegan choices include dal, coconut green bean curry, vegan chocolate cake, and more.  
    • Fisherman's Picnic General Store:  Store selling local wares, goodies and food. 
    • No 9 Coffee Bar: Small coffee shop offering plant milks for coffee and various vegan baked goods. Also has a rotating lunch menu that sometimes has vegan options.
    Mahone Bay: 
    • Rebecca's Restaurant: extensive vegan menu, almost everything can be made vegan.
    • Mateus Bistro: offers 2 vegan salads and a peanut rice bowl.  
    • Cosmic Hippie  Boutique: lots of cool items here. It's on the list for the cruelty-free beauty products they sell. 
    • The Barn: is a coffeehouse that carries soy, almond and coconut milk, as well as a vegan brownie, energy balls, oatcakes and occasionally cake.  
    • The Biscuit Eater: offers sandwiches, soups, salads and chilis that are available vegan. 
    • Keliza Healthy Living: Wellness Centre that offers holistic nutrition, acupuncture, etc. Offers vegan smoothies  and also sells natural food and cruelty-free items.
    • Masstown Market: has a vegetarian chili and have customizable sandwiches as well.You can also find packaged snacks and such in their grocery area, such as, Belsoy pudding, Pur gum and mints, Daiya pizza, Sheese and other miscellaneous items. 
    • Sip Cafe: Has almond milk for drinks and vegan brownies.  
    Musquodoboit Harbour: 
    • Uprooted Market & Cafe: offers a veggie sandwich (vegans ask for no mayo) and a vegan Buddha Bowl. They have soy milk for drinks. Also has a market with local produce. 
    • Nonesuch Cafe: is an all vegetarian cafe that runs in the summer. They mainly open for special events and by chance basis. 
    • Blackrock Bistro: Offers marked vegetarian options on their menu, a few of which can be made vegan upon request. Their black bean burger patty is vegan and so is the gluten-free bun, the bistro salad can be made vegan without cheese and their penne pasta is vegan without the parmesan. 
    Port Williams: 
    • The Port Pub: has several vegetarian options (ask if they can be made vegan) but also has a vegan vegetable strudel and vegan chocolate pot de creme dessert.
    Rose Bay: 
    • Rose Bay General Store: has a new bistro with many vegan options including energy balls, pizza, avocado toast, sandwiches and soup.
    • Supernutrition: sells bulk foods, specialty items, supplements and cruelty-free items.
    • The Beandock: carries soy milk for drinks and can make vegan sandwiches and wraps.
    • Charlotte Lane: has a Thai veggie rice bowl.
    • The Ships Galley: offers a portobello burger than can be made vegan suitable without cheese.
    • Flying Apron Cookery: Menu changes weekly but it is suggested they offer vegan options as the website says they have a vegan burger and accommodate diet restrictions.
    • The River Filly: Pop-up vegan dinners that happen at different restaurants across Sydney. See their Facebook page for details.
    • Peking Restaurant: has an extensive menu of Thai and other Asian flavours that can be veganized.
    • Charlene's Nutrition Center: sells cruelty-free products, specialty foods and supplements.
    • Flavor 19: offers a Thai noodle bowl. 
    • Flavor Downtown: has a vegan pita, curry dishes and salad.
    • Flavor on the Water: has a vegan tacos.
    • Black Spoon Bistro: offers vegan sandwiches, soups and salads. Also has vegan baked goods such as cupcakes, cookies, etc.  
    • Mezza: offers a falafel wrap and Lebanese plate which are both completely vegan. 
    • Doktor Luke's: offers 4 different plant-based milks for drinks.  
    • Lebanese Flower:  has a large menu with many vegan-friendly items. 
    • Habaneros: is a fast food eatery with a few outlets offering burritos, tacos, bowls, quesadilla, nachos with option to build your own. Has a vegan Bombay curry bowl/burrito.
    • Pita Pit:  They offer vegan-friendly pitas and smoothies. You can navigate their website to tell you what is vegan with their dietary restrictions setting. They also have nutritional charts readily available in store and mark items that are vegan with a V+. Some options are spicy black bean and falafels.
    • Mian's Restaurant: Offers vegan chana masala and the mix vegetable can be made vegan. 
    • Georges Country Convenience: Ice cream place that offers vegan Dole Whip.  
    • Nourish: Vegan pick-up meal service with weekly menus. Can order via Facebook group or call 9023227650.
    • A Bite of Asia: Asian Style restaurant with customizable options. 
    • Neat and Potatoes: Vegan delivery service. Menu changes seasonally. Can also be picked up at the kitchen. Also has a market stall at the CB Farmer's Market Saturday 8:30-1. 
    • Little Rollin Bistro: Offers daily specials that include vegan options, such as perogies and tacos. 
    • The Olive Tree: Mediterranean restaurant that has a vegan menu including meatballs, pasta, shawarma, lasagna and brownie.  
    • MELTwich Food Co.: Offers vegan poutine, grilled cheese and burger.  
    • Downtown Nutrition:  Has 2 locations  and has many options that are customizable such as pizza, nachos, wrap and more. Offers vegan cheese. Also has smoothies. 
    • Freshii: Healthy fast food joint that offers vegan bowls, wraps and more.
    • Bike & Bean: has soy and almond milk for drinks and also sometimes has vegan baked goods from The Lively Bakery.
    • Mezza:  now has a location in Tantallon and offers a vegan falafel wrap or Lebanese plate. 
    • Pizzatown: Offers vegan cheese, dough and sauce. 
    • Cavicchis Meats: I know it seems odd for a meat shop to be vegan-friendly but Cavicchis sells Beyond meat and also has the Beyond sausage on their grill menu as well. 
    • Honeycomb Health Market: sells cruelty-free products, specialty foods and more. 
    • Sun Spun Natural Foods: has supplements, specialty food and other natural products. 
    • Sahla Thai: has lots of dishes that can be veganized. 
    • Habaneros: is a fast food eatery with a few outlets offering burritos, tacos, bowls, quesadilla, nachos with option to build your own. Has a vegan Bombay curry bowl/burrito.
    • Yoka: has a large Asian menu with many vegan options like vegan sushi.  
    • NovelTea Bookstore: offers non-dairy milk for drinks, vegan somosas and pakoras and vegan treats such as cookies, banana bread and oatcakes.
    • Hub Grub: Offers a portobello burger. 
    • Frank & Gino's: Italian restaurant offering build-your-own pastas that can be made vegan by using toppings like tofu and vegetables. Also offers vegan salads and a gluten free pizza crust that is vegan friendly.  
    • Pita Pit:  They offer vegan-friendly pitas and smoothies. You can navigate their website to tell you what is vegan with their dietary restrictions setting. They also have nutritional charts readily available in store and mark items that are vegan with a V+. Some options are spicy black bean and falafels.
    • Cheesecurds:  Now offering the Beyond Burger, has a gourmet vegan cheeseburger available now. They also offer veggie gravy but I'm not sure if it's vegan. 
    • Brew Beans:  Coffee shop that offers plant based milk, vegan donuts and a few other options.
    • T.A.N. Coffee: has soy milk for drinks and also has vegan treats.
    • Mosaic Market: Offers daily vegan lunch specials, soups, baked goods, drinks and groceries. 
    • The Rolled Oat: has vegan food items such as bowls, wraps and sandwiches and vegan baked goods. 
    • Troy Restaurant: offers quite a few vegan options, as well as options that can be made vegan including a vegetable kebab, hummus and falafel.
    • EOS Fine Foods: specializes in natural food, specialty vegan products and cruelty-free living.
    • T.A.N. Coffee: has soy milk for drinks and also has vegan treats.
    • Just Us: has a location at the Wolfville market, as well as downtown Wolfville and another in Grand Pre which is just outside Wolfville. They offer soy and almond milk for drinks and select locations also carry a few vegan food options.
    • Joe's Food Emporium: has a huge menu with marked vegetarian options, many of which can be made vegan. Offers pasta dishes, Mediterranean food and stirfry's.   
    • Le Caveau: has a separate vegetarian menu and are great about making vegan food upon request. Located in Grand Pre.
    • Blomidon Inn: has a thai tofu curry that is vegan on their dinner menu.  
    • Rosie's: offers a vegan beet burger. 
    • Muddy's Convenience: has vegan samosas from Staff of Life.  
    • Galah Natural Unrefined Treats: If you go to the Wolfville Farmer's Market you will find this 100% vegan vendor who makes smoothies, raw cakes and more.  
    • Seitan's Kitchen:  Vegan vendor at the Wednesday Wolfville Farmer's Market offering vegan food stuffs such as donairs, bahn mi and desserts!
    • The Naked Crepe: Offers vegan crepe options. Ask for chickpea flour crepe and veganize a veggie option.  
    • The Church Brewing Co.: Has marked vegan options on their menu. 
    • The Real Scoop: Ice cream parlour that offers vegan sorbet and coconut ice cream. 
    • Yarmouth Natural Foods: sells cruelty-free products, bulk foods and specialty items.
    • Sip Cafe: offers almond, soy and coconut milk for drinks and also has vegan brownies.  
    • The Shanty Cafe: has an extensive menu which offers many items that can be veganized. Reported that the staff knows in the ingredients very well and will answer all questions. 
    • Gaia Global Kitchen: full restaurant with many vegan options and marked on the menu, including burgers, tacos, pad thai and much more.
    Know a business that needs to be added? Please email us here.


    1. Wonderful list! Makes me want to visit Nova Scotia and eat all the vegan food :)

      1. Why thank you. We have so much to offer here! :D

      2. Thank you so much for this great list

    2. Wonderful list! Makes me want to visit Nova Scotia and eat all the vegan food :)

    3. I was just in Antigonish, and the Brownstone told me that I could have a salad or french fries. They didn't say anything about the options you have here. Just an FYI...maybe the staff that I spoke with was misinformed, or maybe the one that you spoke with is.

      1. That's very strange. I got this info from a vegan that lives there.

    4. Great list Alex! I have a couple suggestions too. :)

      Leo's Cafe in Annapolis Royal does a made-to-order sandwich with this yummy sunflower spread and veggies, just specify no cheese.

      Yarmouth: The Shanty Cafe is AMAZING! They are socially responsible (from their website: Our mandate is to provide meaningful employment to individuals who face barriers to employment as a result of disability, mental illness, age, language, literacy, etc. Our mission is to do this in a professional restaurant environment which brings a variety of ethnic and organic menu items to our community) and the very multicultural menu has tonnes of veganizable stuff. They make their own bread which is vegan and delicious, and everything with plantains is a must-have. They know their menu ingredients inside out and make everything to order. An oasis in Lobster-land!

      Wolfville: Le Caveau at Grand Pre winery has a separate vegetarian menu and are absolutely amazing at making anything vegan. Once I went and the chef came out and told me the exciting ingredients they had that day and told me could pretty much make anything I liked. I ended up with chanterelle vegan risotto that was one of the best things I've eaten. They also always have acadiana tofu on the veg menu in some capacity, and the frequently vegan soup of the days are great. It's fine dining for sure but great for a special occasion.

      Blomidon Inn also has a thai tofu curry that is vegan. I believe it is only on their dinner menu though.

      Just Us in Grand Pre has vegan oatcakes, plain and chocolate dipped!


      1. Good lord called you Alex again! I'm so sorry, ASHLEY. (I told you I have a good friend called Alex Leslie, right? I do have attention to detail most of the time!) :)

      2. Ahh you rock, thanks for all the suggestions! I should have known you'd know more places. THANKS!! :D

      3. You are the one making it available! I will report whatever I find. :) ASHLEY. :)

    5. is it just me or is downtown dartmouth kinda failing the Vegan game? We moved here in September from Halifax and other than Liv's (on wyse rd so not downtown) there doesn't seem to be much in the way of Veg*n places... or even options?

      I walked all down Portland and Alderney unable to get almond milk for my coffee. What am I missing? Where are all the cool Vegan hang outs? I know belly full of veggies has since closed but surely there is somewhere to get something to eat right?

      1. Wow sorry I never responded. Dartmouth is very much lacking on the vegan front. Two if by Sea offers soy milk but i don't think they have any vegan food options. Big Life Whole Foods have a few options but their hours are awful and they are kinda expensive.

    6. It is really a helpful blog to find some different source to add my knowledge. I came into aware of new professional blog and I am impressed with suggestions of author.

    7. I am so glad I found you and this post! We are moving from British Columbia (the sunshine coast) to Nova Scotia this spring - we just don't know where yet. A vegan friendly community with lots of wild natural spaces for our canine pals to hike with us are the two most important considerations on where to live. We want to avoid hunting, mining, clear cutting, and all the other hubristic human pursuits that break our hearts as much as possible. So far Wolfville and Lunenburg are considerations, do you have an insights for two earth loving, energetically sentive vegans who just want to find some peace. Thank you!!!

    8. I noticed you have the energy balls at The Barn in Mahone Bay listed as vegan. Maybe they changed the recipe but they informed me that there is honey in those. Love to have an update.

    9. Laughing Whale in Lunenburg is now called The Shop On The Corner which still offers & sells Laughing Whale coffee. Every day they have one lunch item & they are always veg & OFTEN vegan.

    10. Thanks for this great list, my sister follows a vegan diet and she is coming to visit me here in South Farmington next week. This is much appreciated!

      This is so helpful.

    12. Question would you have a list of grocery stores or health food stores outside of Halifax; a one stop shop for all my vegan and bulk food needs?...thanks again!

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    14. My son has a dairy and egg allergy, so we really appreciate this list.