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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Battle of the Vegan Deodroants

Still one of the biggest complaints I get from people is finding a vegan and cruelty-free deodorant they like and really works. I feel like there is 2 main components to a good deodorant.; the ability to apply the deodorant easily and smoothly and of course, the overall effectiveness of it. So I wanted to give my opinions on the many different brands I have tried and my experience with each. If I try new ones in the future, I will also add them to this list. Hopefully this will be effective in helping people find what works for them. We have to remember what works for one person, may not work for everyone. We are all made up of different chemicals and our bodies are all very different. It's also important to remember that natural deodorant are NOT antiperspirants, as those involve nasty chemicals, such as aluminum. It is natural to sweat even if it is uncomfortable for us, it's HEALTHY. Natural deodorants can still be very effective however and here are my results.

First number is for effectiveness, second is for the application quality. 

3-1 Minimo- I received this, along with a couple other items, from the creator for a YouTube review. The formula has changed since I got it, so everyone please keep this in mind. The new formula may be way better. The one I tried was extremely rough on the skin, so much so that I only used it a couple times and couldn't take it anymore. I have extremely sensitive armpits and it was hurting them badly. It also was extremely white and left a bad residue. However, I did find it fairly effective considering. I would like to eventually try the new formula in hopes of better results.

4-4 Kiss My Face- This tends to be my go to drugstore brand for deodorant. It's been tried and true for many years. It goes on smooth, clear and is also very effective for me. Kiss My Face has a few styles of their deodorants including a roll-on and stick. I prefer the stick but I do like their roll-on one as well. The scents are really nice too.

3-4 Jason- This is another trusted drugstore brand. Not quite as effective as the Kiss My Face but I do still like it but you will most likely have to reapply a couple times a day. They come in lovely scents and go on smooth.

3-5 Lavanila- I decided to try the Lavanila deodorant after my best friend told me it is her favourite. The coconut that I had smells fantastic and it's probably the nicest deodorant to apply. So smooth and easy. My only issue was that it wasn't super effective for me and I did have to reapply during the day. A stronger scent may resolve that.

1-1 Me & You Body- I hate having to say this since this is a small independent company out of BC but honestly, it was terrible all around for me. Way too rough to apply and also not effective. Sorry Me & You body. :(

4-2 Lafes- I actually got this deodorant for my husband but decided to try it for myself. Hubby said that he did find it to work quite well, for me it worked okay, not fantastic. But my biggest complaint was application. A bit rough and sticky which I didn't enjoy.

2-4 Nutribiotic- Effectiveness with Nutribiotic was not great but I did love the scent and application was very smooth and easy to apply. 

5-5 Rustic Maka- Second place for favourite deodorant has to be the Pachy by Rustic Maka. I received this as a free product to review and I fell in love. The scent is amazing, smooth application and it worked wonders. Fresh all day without having to reapply.

3-4 Crystal Deodorant- Tried and true Crystal deodorant is such a unique product and one of the first deodorants I used when I went vegan. My mother actually used it before I knowing that aluminum is so bad for us. My mother switched after having a lump in her breast and has never gone back. I give effectiveness a 3 cause I do normally have to reapply during the day but overall, you'd be surprised how well a crystal rock can work. They also have it in roll-on and spray methods now and that's even better! I really like using it between applications of other deodorants and I also keep a small crystal in my purse. I don't mind any of the methods but could see some people not liking them. It's definitely not like traditional deodorants which could be difficult to get used to.

2-3 Nature's Gate- Application of the Nature's Gate deodorant is not bad but I didn't find it overly effective. They do have nice scents and many of their other products are great.

1-2 Green Beaver- Green Beaver is a fantastic Canadian company but they fell short on the deodorant game. I found application sticky and the effectiveness bad. I had to reapply multiple times per day and the scents are nice but not strong enough.

3-3 Desert Essence- If you've followed me on YouTube at all, you know how much I love Desert Essence. Their hair care products are by far my favourite. The deodorant they make smells amazing but works just okay. Application is pretty smooth.

1-2 EO Organics: Not only did I not particularly enjoy the spray aspect, as it creates wet armpits that you need to let dry before putting a shirt on. It also didn't work well for me. :(

2-1 Hugo Naturals: I picked up a couple of their deodorants on sale. Unfortunately, I didn't care for them. The application is really rough going on and it's not all that effective either.

2-5 Nature Love: The scent was wonderful and application was really smooth but the effectiveness was not so great. I had to reapply at least a couple times a day.

3.5-5 Alaffia: Nice fresh scent and smooth application. Fairly effective as well. Sometimes I need to reapply closer to the end of the day.

3-5 Live Clean: I love the baby powder scent and how smooth the application is but I do find I need to reapply a couple times a day. I love that it's mainstream though and can be found at places like Walmart.

1-4 Natural Care: Smells lovely and applies smooth but is not very effective against odor. I have to reapply a couple times a day.

4-2 PurelyGreat:  I've used the citrus cream deodorant. It has a nice scent, simple ingredients and does work fairly well and is long lasting. My biggest complaint is the application as it's a bit messy but you do get used to it. Stir, stir, stir!
5-4 Habitat Botanicals: I got their promotional deal of 5 of their products for 12 dollars. I love the deodorant. It smells lovely and so far I've been finding it really affective. Application is rougher than I'd like but not terrible. The thing I think is the coolest about their products is the fact they are compostable and biodegradable packing, as well as being cruelty-free and vegan. 

5-5 Schmidt's: Probably my favourite deodorant I have used. Super effective, smells amazing and the application is smooth. It is nice too cause you can purchase them at mainstream stores like Walmart now. 
2-5 Pink House Organics: Vancouver based skin care company. Their pit potion goes on smooth and has a lovely scent but I do have to reapply at least once a day. Sadly it's not long lasting. 

5-5 Attitude: Smells wonderful and is super effective. Goes on smooth and lasts me the whole day. Love that it comes in biodegradable packaging as well. 

Rating system: 
Not affective 1____3____5 Very affective

Rough 1____3____5 Smooth

 Want a detailed review of even more natural deodrants? Check out my friends over at who handtested 23 natural deodorants. Click here.


  1. Man, all the drug store brands I used to love seem to have randomly stopped working. It is so annoying.

  2. Thank you so much! I can't wait to show these to my daughter so she can get some help with choice ! <3

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