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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Las Vegas Vegan Eats-- Slice of Vegas

I had heard from many people that eating vegan in Vegas was fairly difficult. I found quite the contrary. I also was coming from a highly isolate hunting community in the middle of northern Canada, so I could be a bad judge but many restaurants in Vegas not only offer vegan options but have a fully vegan menu available upon request. Slice of Vegas was of our first stops, the night we arrived. We were famished, of course. Slice of Vegas is located in lovely Mandalay Place which is easily accessible from the Luxor hotel. Unfortunately, the restaurant was full, so we didn't get to dine in but the waitress told us we could order from their take-out window. That's what we did. Ana and I opted on sharing the BBQ chick'n pizza, Dave went for the meatless meatball sub and we all got a slice of their peanut butter chocolate cake for dessert.

The food was incredible, flavourful and even the biggest meat-eater would not be disappointed with the vegan food. The cake was simply delicious that I can't help but rave about that all on it's own. It was moist and extremely chocolatey, along with that delicious peanut butter creamy frosting. It was the perfect place to start off my palate's vacation.


BBQ chick'n pizza

Meatless meatball sub

Chocolate peanut butter cake

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  1. Ohh wow. I wish we had one of these places. The pie looks heavenly!

    1. It was extremely delicious! I think the whole world needs these types of restaurants.