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Monday, 23 March 2015

Having a Vegan Easter

In the land of The Vegan Peach, the Easter bunny is very real and also a vegan saint. He brings all the good little vegan kiddies baskets full of vegan chocolate and treats. Many parents wonder where in the world can bunnies find delicious vegan Easter goodies, I got in contact with the bunny himself and he gave me the lowdown on the best treats in town.

Allison's Gourmet: Chocolate bunnies, chocolate mini eggs and more.

Sasha Farm Sanctuary: Lazy bunnies like prepared baskets with chocolate, lollipops, gummies and more.

No Cow Chocolate: Chocolate bunnies!

Vegan Cuts: Offers two pre-made Easter baskets.

Non-dairy chocolate easter basket


Chocolate Easter Bunny & Egg Gift Set 

Premium Chocolatier's: Chocolate bunnies, vegan cream eggs and more.

Moo Free Chocolates: Chocolate Easter eggs.

Sweet & Sara: Vegan marshmallow peeps.

Natural Candy Store: This website offers awesome options for every time of year including Easter, so hop to it! Chocolate bunnies, lollipops, gummies and chocolate eggs.

Sjaak's: Chocolate bunnies and eggs.

Divvies: Chocolate bunnies.

Chocolate Decadence: Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

Amanda's Own Confections: Chocolate bunnies and more.

Mama Ganache: All their dark chocolate is vegan.

Rose City Chocolatier: Easter chocolates.

No Whey!: Vegan egg truffles.

Lagusta's Lucious: Bunnies, cream eggs and more.

Chocolate Inspirations: Chocolate bunnies and other Easter goodies.

Vegan Treats: Vegan cream eggs, chocolate bunnies and so much more!

Denman Island: More chocolate bunnies!

Bissinger's: Dark chocolate bunny ears.

Divine Treasures: Cream filled eggs and chocolate bunnies.

Plamil: Chocolatey eggs.

YumEarth: Jellybeans and Lollipops.

Booja Booja: Gourmet Easter eggs.

Hotel Chocolat: Milk-free easter eggs and bunnies.

Montezuma's: Dark chocolate eggs, bunnies and more.

Cocoa Loco: Dark chocolate bunnies and eggs.

Choices: Dairy-free bunnies and eggs including a white chocolate vegan bunny!

MULU Organic Raw Chocolate: Chocolate Easter eggs and buttons.

Lindt Dark Chocolate Bunny:
Holidays are about being creative. You can find slews of vegan recipes on how to make vegan cream eggs, you can get molds and make your own chocolate bunnies and so much more. Have a hoppy Easter!

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